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  • KAPSEL is a software designed specially to simulate the dynamics of solid particles dispersed in simple and complex fluids using SPM (Smoothed Particle Method). KAPSEL is a stand-alone simulator but also works as an add-on engine of OCTA.
  • SPM is an unique simulation method which enables us to perform direct numerical simulations (DNS) for several particulate fluids and colloidal dispersions. To compute the correct time evolutions of the dispersed particles and the host fluid simultaneously, SPM provides an extremely efficient numerical scheme to solves the following coupled equations.
    • Newton's and Euler's equations of motion (translational and rotational motions of the dispersed particles)
    • Navier-Stokes equation (fluid flow)
    • advection-diffusion equation (densities of counter- and co-ions in cases of electrolyte solution)
One can thus perform reliable simulations for particulate systems in which the hydrodynamic interactions (sedimentation, coagulation, rheology, etc) and the electro- hydrodynamic couplings (electrophoresis, electro-osmosis, etc) are important. See this paper for details of SPM.
  • OCTA is an integrated simulation system for soft materials developed by Professor M. Doi and people in his group. It consists of the following items. The items required for using KAPSEL are indicated in RED.
OCTA Project: [ Homepage ]
  • Common Simulation Platform
    • GOURMET (integrated GUI: UDF editor, 3D viewer, gnuplot, python, ...)
    • libplatform (I/O interface library for UDF)
  • Simulation Engines officially developed by OCTA team
    • COGNAC (general molecular dynamics simulation program)
    • PASTA (stochastic simulation program for entangled polymers)
    • SUSHI (self-consistent-field program for polymer blends)
    • MUFFIN (general solver for the continuum models)
  • Common Data Format
    • UDF (User Definable Format)
Bio-Rheo Project (post-OCTA):
  • Simulation Engines
    • DROPS (simulator for micro phase separation: micelles, block copolymers)
    • GELATO (bio-gel simulator)
    • MIKAN (simulator for particle dispersions)
    • MOCA (simulator for mechanics)
    • SRD (DNA Simulator by stochastic rotation dynamics)
    • VINE (bio-fluid simulator)
  • Tools
    • STEAK (3D imaging tool)
Third Party Contributions:
  • Simulation Engines
    • KAPSEL (DNS-type simulator for colloidal dispersions and particulate fluids)
    • NAPLES (primitive chain network simulation program for entangled polymer)
    • ...