How to Develop KAPSEL

  • So far, KAPSEL has been developed and used mostly by lab-internal members for scientific purposes. The method SPM used in KAPSEL, however, possesses very wide applicability for general dynamical problems of colloid/particle dispersions in simple/complex fluids both in scientific and engineering research fields. Therefore, we would like to encourage external scientists and engineers to modify the KAPSEL codes so that they can simulate their own specific problems of interest. To this end, we are happy to provide such motivated scientists/engineers with our accumulated knowledge and experiences. Some of them can be found below, and also email contact to KAPSEL dev. team is always welcome.

Technical documentation for code developers

 cd Doxygen
 (browse) html/index.html
Main page
Related Pages
Data StructuresList of important variables and detailed explanations of the data structures
File ListList of souce files (.cxx, .h) and detailed explanations of the all source codes including mutual dependencies of functions

Up-to-date code developments before official release.

  • Bug fixes and new implementations between major updates are provided through Github.
  • GIT can be used with command-line-interface and also with client tools such as SourceTree.


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