Documents about KAPSEL

  • Books
  • 「高分子材料シミュレーション -OCTA活用事例集」第6章:KAPSEL コロイド・微粒子分散系シミュレータ,ISBN:978-4873266381(化学工業日報社, 2014)
  • Manuals (old)
  • Technical documentation (to be uploaded soon)
  • A brief guide to KAPSEL - Part1: SPM for spherical particles
  • A brief guide to KAPSEL - Part2: SPM for rigid bodies and swimmers
  • Rheology of particle dispersions using SPM and Leeds-Edwards PBC: Spherical particles and rigid bodies.
  • Online technical documentation for code developers
  • Related Papers
  • Dynamics of self-propelled particles (swimmers)
  • Dynamics of colloids in compressible fluids
    • file2013_POF_TY.pdf (acoustic vs. viscous momentum transport between a pair of particles)
    • file2013_JCP_TY.pdf (acoustic vs. viscous momentum transport between a particle and confinement)

Documents about OCTA

  • GOURMET (integrated GUI: UDF editor, 3D viewer, gnuplot, python, ...)
  • UDF (User Definable Format)
  • Python (UDF data can be most easily accessed using Python script)
  • libplatform (I/O interface library to access UDF data using C++/Fortran)

Attach file: filekapsel_3.0.pdf 2922 download [Information] file2012_PRE_TY.pdf 895 download [Information] file2013_JCP_TY.pdf 852 download [Information] file2013_POF_TY.pdf 914 download [Information] file2011_PRE_KY.pdf 861 download [Information] file2010_PRE_KY.pdf 901 download [Information] file2010_EPJE_IKY.pdf 901 download [Information] file2009-12_PRE_IY.pdf 926 download [Information] file2009_PRE_IY.pdf 855 download [Information] file2009_PTPS_INY.pdf 856 download [Information] file2012_PRE_MFHY.pdf 870 download [Information] file2013_JPSJ_HY.pdf 968 download [Information] file2013_PRE_HY.pdf 913 download [Information] file2013_NIC-Proceedings_YMT.pdf 1031 download [Information] file2013_SM_MNY.pdf 920 download [Information] file2011_PRE_JYR.pdf 848 download [Information] file2008_JPSJ_INY.pdf 910 download [Information] file2011_JCP_KY.pdf 887 download [Information] file2006_PRL_KNY.pdf 868 download [Information] file2001_PRL_Y.pdf 846 download [Information] file2008_EPJE_NKY.pdf 1014 download [Information] file2005_PRE_NY.pdf 1127 download [Information] filekapsel1.0.pdf 1434 download [Information] filekapsel2.0.pdf 1039 download [Information] file2006_KONA_YKN.pdf 888 download [Information] fileUDF_Spec_jpn.pdf 883 download [Information] filePythonInterface_jpn.pdf 1325 download [Information] filelibplatform_jpn.pdf 1023 download [Information] fileGourmetPrimer_jpn.pdf 1305 download [Information] fileGourmetOperation_jpn.pdf 1069 download [Information] fileudf_spec_eng.pdf 941 download [Information] filepythoninterface_eng.pdf 937 download [Information] filelibplatform_eng.pdf 953 download [Information] filegourmetprimer_eng.pdf 1050 download [Information] filegourmetoperation_eng.pdf 1051 download [Information]