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___===== Open Software for Direct Numerical Simulations of Particle Dispersions =====
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______Electrophoresis ______Rigid body (any shape) ____Falling object at high Re ___Active particle (squirmer)


  • [2018/04/01] KAPSEL-3.40 release. Now it works fine with FFTW and OpenMP using GCC.
See History for more detailed information.

What is KAPSEL?

  • KAPSEL means "Kyoto Advanced Particle Simulator for Electro-hydrodynamics" based on a direct numerical simulation method for colloidal dispersions called SPM (Smoothed Profile Method). KAPSEL is designed to simulate dynamics of solid particles dispersed in simple and complex fluids. KAPSEL enables us to simulate complex rheological properties of colloidal dispersions, electrophoresis of charged colloids, etc.
  • KAPSEL uses an integrated GUI called GOURMET which provides with UDF editor (see below), 3D viewer, gnuplot, python programing environment, etc...


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