Welcome to KAPSEL-4 HP

  • KAPSEL means “Kyoto Advanced Particle Simulator for Electro-hydrodynamics” based on a DNS (Direct Numerical Simulation) method for colloidal dispersions named SPM (Smoothed Profile Method) developed by us.
  • KAPSEL is designed to simulate detailed dynamics of solid particles dispersed in simple and complex fluids with low computational costs.
  • KAPSEL enables us to simulate complex rheological properties of colloidal dispersions, electrophoresis of charged colloids, collective dynamics of active microswimmers, etc. Follow the “Case Studies” menu to see more examples.
  • KAPSEL is a software free to use and modify. To download and use KAPSEL, one must agree with the “License agreement of KAPSEL“.
  • KAPSEL uses an integrated GUI called GOURMET which provides with UDF editor (see below), 3D viewer (see below), gnuplot, python programing environment, etc… for free.

Contact the development team: kapsel.dev@gmail.com