Step-by-step instructions to build KAPSEL

If KAPSEL binaries do not run on your machine, or if you want to modify KAPSEL source codes for your own purpose, you can build KAPSEL binaries from the source package. Here we assume that OCTA(GOURMET)-2010 is used, but the latest version of them should work fine.

STEP 0: Linux or Windows?

  • To build KAPSEL on Linux, goto STEP 1.
  • To build KAPSEL on Windows, install "Cygwin" first, then goto STEP 1. Be sure to include "gcc", "make" (both exist under "Devel" tree), and "unzip" (under "Archive" tree) packages.
  • KAPSEL can be build also on Mac OS-X. (not officially supported)

STEP 1: Download and install GOURMET

  • Visit OCTA-BBS and Login. Registration is required if you haven't yet complete it.
  • For Linux
    • Go "DOWNLOAD" -> "OCTA2010" -> "Release of OCTA2010 (linux & source versions)".
    • Follow the instructions there to install GOURMET2010 in /usr/local/OCTA2010/
  • For Windows
    • Follow "DOWNLOAD" -> "OCTA2010" -> "OCTA2010 (for Windows 64bit) " or "OCTA2010 (for Windows 32bit) ".
    • download "GOURMET2010W64.exe" or "GOURMET2010W32.exe" and click it to install GOURMET2010.

STEP 2: Build "libplatform"

  • "libplatform" is an I/O library developed by OCTA project. One needs this library to access to UDF-formatted files.
  • For Linux:
   > su
   > cd /usr/local/OCTA2010/GOURMET_2010
   > cd src
   > make
   > make install
  • For Windows:
    • Logon Windows with an administrator authorization
    • Open Cygwin window
   $ ln -s /cygdrive/c/OCTA2010/ /usr/local/.
   $ cd /usr/local/OCTA2010/GOURMET_2010
   $ cd src
   $ make
   $ make install

STEP 3: Download "KAPSEL" source code

  • You can download the same files directly from here.

STEP 4: Build "KAPSEL" binary executable

   > unzip
   > make     (Windows)
   > make ENV=GCC    (Windows)

STEP 5: Test run

   > ./kapsel -Icolloid_1.udf -Ooutput.udf -Ddefine_2.10.udf -Rrestart.udf
   #using colloid_1.udf as input
   #using output.udf as output
   #using define_2.10.udf as definition
   #using restart.udf as restart
   # Electrolyte eq. selected.
  • If you see the output as shown in the above panel, KAPSEL has been successfully built.

Optional information for Intel compiler

STEP 2a: Build "libplatform" with icc on Linux

  • For icc 12.0
   > su
   > cd /usr/local/OCTA2010/GOURMET_2010/src
   > make clean
   > make WITHFC=no CC=icc CXX=icpc
   > make install

STEP 4a: Build "KAPSEL" with icc on Linux

  • For icc
   > make clean
   > make ENV=ICC
  • For icc + MKL + OpenMP
   > make clean
   > make ENV=ICC_MKL_OMP