''This HP is obsolete. The latest KAPSEL is available  from [[here:http://www-tph.cheme.kyoto-u.ac.jp/kapsel/]]''
* Welcome to KAPSEL Homepage [#n741182e]

''= Open  Software for Direct Numerical Simulations of Particle Dispersions =''

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** What is KAPSEL? [#bf9cb83a]
- ''KAPSEL'' means "''K''yoto ''A''dvanced ''P''article ''S''imulator for ''El''ectro-hydrodynamics" based on a direct numerical simulation method for colloidal dispersions called ''SPM'' (''S''moothed ''P''rofile ''M''ethod). KAPSEL is designed to simulate dynamics of solid particles dispersed in simple and complex fluids. KAPSEL enables us to simulate complex rheological properties of colloidal dispersions, electrophoresis of charged colloids, etc.

- ''KAPSEL-2'' is the latest version of KAPSEL. It can introduce thermal fluctuations to the system and also perform rheology simulations under steady or oscillatory shear flow being fully compatible with usual periodic boundary condition. Computational  efficiency is also much improved from the original version so that one can simulate larger systems.&br;

- ''KAPSEL'' is a software free to use. To download and use KAPSEL, one must agree with the "&ref(License.pdf,,License agreement of KAPSEL);".

** NEWS [#cbd4c217]

- ''KAPSEL-2''
-- [30 Mar 2011]
KAPSEL-2.10 release (newly implemented the Lees-Edwards sheared periodic boundary condition)

//-- [25 Aug 2009] [[''Click here''>Re01]] to see electrophoresis of binary (+/-) charged colloidals (&color(red){''5,000+5,000''}; particles with full many-body electrostatic and hydrodynamic interactions).

//-- [19 Aug 2009] [[''Click here''>Re02]] to see  of &color(red){''100,000 particles''}; with HI.

-- [19 Aug 2009]
KAPSEL-2.00 release

-- [04 Aug 2009]
KAPSEL-2.beta pre-release

-- [10 Aug 2009]
[[KAPSEL Homepage>FrontPage]] renewal open.

- ''KAPSEL''
-- [19 Jan 2007]
[[English manual (for KAPSEL version 1):http://www.kona.or.jp/search/24_167.pdf]] published on-line.

-- [31 May 2006]
KAPSEL released.

** Related Papers [#e8445791]

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